Project Description

Sofia – Bid Support

Project TitleSofia Airport – Bid Support
AirportSofia Airport
LocationSofia, Bulgaria
Time Frame2016
Capacity[1] 5,7 MAP – [4] 10,5 MAP

The privatization of Sofia Airport was hold in 2016. Together with a strong consortium, we had the role of the Technical Advisor.

First, a traffic forecast was prepared for the entire concession period. After that, our technical department have started with the planning- and design process. These initially included a master plan/development plan for the entire concession period as well as the planning of expansion, new construction and conversion of the passenger terminals. The existing Terminal 1 was converted into a VIP Terminal, the existing Terminal 2 was rebuilt and expanded. In order to meet the capacities and strategic considerations of the consortium, a completely new terminal building was planned with additional 10 aircraft positions.