About ADM

In 2013, after more than 10 years of extensive cooperation, the owners of AIRPORT DESIGN MANAGEMENT (ADM) and AIRPORT CONSULTING VIENNA (ACV) decided to pool their resources in a unique one-stop shop by merging the two companies.

The newly created holding company AIRPORT CAPITAL VENTURES (ACG) thus became the 100% owner of ADM and ACV. In order to emphasize the new group structure, the owners also have decided to rebrand ADM and ACV and to create a new logo for ACG.

Our clients benefit from this merger. They can draw from an even wider range of aviation skills, numerous complementary services, and a truly global expertise.
While each company operates independently, ADM focuses on all technical services – its core business ever since its inception. ACV is responsible for all kinds of commercial services – just like in the past 20 years – as well as for business development, acquisitions and new projects. ACG combines the best of both worlds (commercial and technical) in transactions, such as participations, equity and debt financing, and know-how transfers.

With a joint track record of more than 500 consulting projects and about 100 airport transactions (privatizations, PPPs, M&As), the newly formed ACG Group is the ideal partner for both airport operators and investors (e.g. funds, banks, construction companies, etc.) who are keen on developing their airport and/or selling or purchasing airport assets.

The one-stop shop philosophy offers clients and key decision makers many advantages: a single point of contact for complex airport evaluations and due diligence studies not only saves costs and time but increases efficiency. These are most crucial aspects during bids.

Our seasoned airport professionals have gained their exceptional knowledge in various consulting and transaction projects all over the world. ADM and ACV have been working together as a team for many years and in a lot of projects. We know each other very well and can thus guarantee world-class quality. Some 20 full-time employees and about 50 freelancers are looking forward to working with you!

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