Success Stories


Over the past six years, we have devised various development concepts for Kiev’s international airport. Starting in 2003, in cooperation with JSK Architects, a terminal extension program which included the existing passenger terminal buildings was developed for AEROSVIT Airlines.
In 2004, adm prepared a master plan for the entire area of Kiev-Boryspil Airport, which also serves as a CEE hub. Due to changes in the fundamental conditions, the master plan was reworked in 2008 – to take into account the newly available airport areas and transport forecasts. As a result, the planned technical development concept was adapted based on the following: a detailed analysis of the market sector and a more comprehensive strategic concept (i.e. to maximize the airport’s new potential), as well as a traffic forecast that extends to all relevant segments of the airport through the next 30 years. The technical development program had to take into account the relevant economic and capacity framework, and it was furthermore accompanied by a tailor-made financing concept.