Technical Feasibility

The technical feasibility study consists of two major parts, the technical airport development plan (master plan) and the capital expenditure calculation for the whole development period. Our integrated airport planning system interlinks these two parts, making a combined impact analysis of all technical and financial aspects possible. It optimises and streamlines the master plan and the financial concept, thus adding to the transparency of all interdependencies. As a comprehensive planning approach it is based on the ultimate vision - i.e. the airport’s maximum development stage at the end of the development period - which it reflects in individual development phases. A cross-check with the business plan ensures that the right capacities will be provided at the lowest possible investment costs. 


  • Demand analysis (based on market feasibility
  • Constraints analysis
  • Definition of quality standards and design parameter catalogue
  • Elaboration of a comprehensive capacity model
  • Conceptual planning – airport development plan (airside, terminal, landside, landside access system, etc.)
  • Scenario analysis
  • Phasing concept / ultimate vision
  • Functional layout (terminal)
  • CAPEX calculation (phased over the entire timeline)
  • Financial projections (as contained in the financial feasibility)
  • Elaboration of a pre–feasibility report (technical development plan)


  • Industrial standard in accordance with the ICAO Airport Planning Manual Doc 9184-AN/902 Part 1 and Annex 14 Aerodrome Design and Operations
  • Secures the right capacity over the course of the entire development period
  • Avoids capacity bottlenecks, unnecessary overcapacities or stranded investments 
  • Transparent visualisation of space and equipment requirements over the entire development period
  • Avoids inefficient layouts (airside, terminal, landside, etc.)
  • Streamlines the financing concept / business plan
  • Provides a comprehensive feasibility analysis
  • Provides the basis for an airport / project valuation
  • Attracts potential shareholders